What we do

Four fundamental focuses:

1. Agricultural Training

The Foundation bases its values ​​on the conviction that international cooperation in relation to agriculture and livestock must include a significant share of agricultural training as a way to end subsistence agriculture and empower through specialized formalisation that leads to progress. This requires a stable and durable presence and sufficient infrastructure in a given region. In this regard, more than 5,000 farmers have been trained in agricultural techniques, new crops, knowledge of markets, teamwork and the sustainable use of resources.

2. Agricultural supervision and extension

On the ground the activities of farmers are supervised, once they have received training. Seminars are also organised in situ for the farmers and other interested villagers as well as courses on how to promote communities. In this way skills are strengthened;

3. Agricultural associations

Agronomists Without Borders has promoted the creation of agricultural associations, supporting the construction of more than 80 groups of farmers and promoting agricultural cooperatives capable of taking charge of the future of each project. The promotion of associations increases the resilience of both male and female farmers facing food crises, protecting their livelihoods and increasing their agricultural productivity and their access to markets to market their products.

5. Women’s empowerment

Our entity aims to promote the participation of women in their projects. They are given priority when forming community groups and occupying leadership positions.

It is clearly demonstrated that making women the protagonist, guarantees that certain actions in the projects are better managed and that the impact on their families is highly positive.