Letter from the President

7 September, 2018

The “Fundación Agrónomos Sin Fronteras” (Agronomists Without Borders Foundation) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2004 with the aim of helping in the struggle to eradicate poverty in developing countries through the promotion and development of agricultural activity in the areas where we are present.

Our model is based on the three pillars of: training and the development of skills, agricultural extension and the promotion of associations.

“Agrónomos Sin Fronteras” has been working since its inception in Tanzania, in the Iringa region. We currently have three agricultural training centres in operation in three different areas: The Kilolo centre, The Pawaga centre and The Ihanzuwtwa centre; theses three places are where the farmers of the area come to receive training on different crops and the means of production, how to put them on sale, transformation, etc.

A reference of the work done by the Foundation is that some 5,000 farmers have been trained and 30,000 direct beneficiaries have taken part in the projects; data that make us proud and that make us appreciate the work and effort of all the people who work in the organization.

Being true to our principles, we try to implement agricultural projects that are sustainable over time. To do this, we engage with the beneficiary population and we support the creation of farmer associations. This is how the Cooperativa de Pawaga (The Pawaga Cooperative) was established, it was subsequently handed over to the farmers to continue with their work, it focuses on the production of rice. This is also the case with The Pamoja Cooperative (in Ihanzutwa) that is managed with the support of ASF, the production of this cooperative is mainly of corn and sunflower.

In addition to this, ASF projects have a strong gender focus. The situation of women in Tanzania is still determined by being part of a dominantly patriarchal structure. However, women continue to be simultaneously responsible for the family unit as well as more than half of the agricultural work in the country. A large part of ASF’s work focuses on the role played by women, who are capable of influencing the improvement of food security and the economy of the different regions.

I am convinced that all of us who form part of Agronomists Without Borders will continue to do everything possible to fulfil the objectives of the entity, endeavouring to provide benefit to as many people as possible.

For that reason, I hope that in us you will find the principles and motivation that will make you join this wonderful project and thus be able to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the people of Tanzania.

Welcome to “Agrónomos Sin Fronteras”.

Don Jaime Olmos Gibaja.

President of the Fundación Agrónomos Sin Fronteras