New collaboration of HISPATEC, Thank you!

14 March, 2019

Less than a month ago, the Hispatec Informática Empresarial SA Group and Fundación Agrónomos Sin Fronteras, signed a collaboration agreement

Hispatec (web) is a Spanish company that provides services in the agri-food sector that shows interest on doing social actions and, therefore, has decided to collaborate with Agrónomos Sin Fronteras through the implementation of a small software that will help to Tanzanian farmers in monitoring their crops.

The technology of Hispatec is based on creating algorithms that can help agri-food companies on making decisions thanks to having every time the traceability of their products. It is about using mathematical models that serve both the dimensions of the past and the future; that is, capable of predicting. This directly helps the commercial and strategic planning of each campaign.

All this makes this collaboration a great opportunity for the Agrónomos Sin Fronteras Foundation to give quality to its Projects in Iringa and allow its beneficiaries to differentiate themselves from other farmers by having more advanced technology; that is, these types of tools are the true development of the country. The idea is to install software that is easy to use, in which they can monitor their crops and thus access a more competitive market for their products.

In Africa, there are more mobile phone users than in North America. In a continent where there are still marked deficiencies in infrastructure, banking network or where many can not afford a computer; mobile has become its most indispensable tool, especially for the agricultural sector where being able to keep in touch or even make payments through mobile has changed the way of organizing the field.

For this reason, from Agrónomos Sin Fronteras we want to thank greatly the intention on collaborating with the Tanzanian farmers as this has been reflected in the signing of this agreement between both entities.